Framing Recommendations



Signed Edition & Limited Edition Fine Art Prints by Stephen Robinson are made to archival standards for framed indoor display under glass.  Your print is archival and made to last - but it can be damaged by fingerprints, moisture and inexperienced handling.

Please resist the temptation to immediately open the packing and take out the print!  Never touch the surface of the print. Trust your print only to a qualified framer with experience in the handling, mounting and framing of photographic fine art prints. On delivering your print to the framer, open the package and inspect the print to agree with the framer that it is in good condition before leaving it for framing.  Make sure your framer is equipped and able to mount and frame your print in accordance with these recommendations.

The print should be permanently bonded to a very smooth and stiff board surface to ensure it does not lift, bubble or ripple when framed under the glass. Hinge mounting is not recommended, as the print will be liable to rippling.  This is unsightly and could result in the print surface touching the glass and the print being damaged.

Only acid-free mount and back boards, and inert, pressure-sensitive adhesives should be used in the mounting and framing process.  It is recommended that the print be bonded to a backboard consisting of archival quality, permanent grade, self-adhesive mount board immediately followed by use of a vacuum press process to ensure an even and permanent bond.  These materials and processes are very much standard for any professional framer.  A bevel-cut mount (mat) board should be used for the face mount so that the glass is lifted away from the surface of the print.  Although very much personal choice, a neutral colour mount (mat) board is recommended to compliment the picture colour and contrast, to avoid distraction and to avoid the mat board colour clashing with décor.  Choose a frame with a moulding profile and colour to suit the photograph and the framed size of the print.

Use of older types of diffused, non-reflective glass in the framing is not recommended, as this will diminish contrast and colour saturation and substantially affect the appearance of your print.  As with all art media, keep your print away from humid conditions and direct heat and light.

It is very important that your print is properly mounted and framed to ensure that your print’s archival properties are maintained and that your print is displayed to best effect.  Please contact the Photographer if you have any questions - email: <wildfoto (at) wildfotoafrica.com>.

These recommendations are guidelines only offered in good faith but without responsibility for framing work done by others.  However, they are based on long experience over many years of having several hundred such fine art prints mounted and framed for exhibition purposes. Following these recommendations, and use of an experienced professional framer, will ensure your print can be enjoyed for many years to come.