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SPIRIT OF THE LAND is a personal project by photographer Stephen Robinson.

It aims to document Africa's landscape, especially its unknown, remote landscapes, in a distinct style. And to illustrate the "big picture" scale of the African natural environment and its importance to the millions who live so directly off its rich, but increasingly threatened, natural resources.

The project uses the panoramic format, which the photographer believes better replicates the way the human eye explores and takes in a scene. The photographs are therefore presented just as they were viewed in-camera by the photographer’s eye – full frame, without selective cropping or enlargement.

By use of an unusual format in this way, the photographer aims to give the viewer some idea of the "feel" of a landscape; and of the emotive power the natural landscape has over the human eye.

The project work has been exhibited in several major one-man exhibitions and in many collective exhibitions in both Africa and Europe. Over 5,000 people have visited the one-man exhibitions and many others have seen the work at various smaller shows and collective art exhibitions and gallery shows. The photography and prints of the work have been widely published and used in collections, and in permanent public space and interior decor displays in Africa, Europe, North & South America, Asia and Australia.

The on-line exhibitions have been visited by many thousands from over 100 countries and there has been considerable interest in the limited and signed edition fine art prints of the photographs.

The fine art prints of the photographs are available by email order via this website.  A limited stock of Gallery prints, mounted prints, framed prints and canvas prints is available at special offer prices - for previews and full details navigate using the PRINTS-Special Offers tab menu at the top of the page.

To begin your virtual expedition into remote Africa, use the EXHIBITIONS tab menu at the top of the page